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About Brackets for Electro-Magnetic Locks


Find out more about our high-quality maglock brackets and accessories. This premium selection ensures secure and inconspicuous mounting of magnets across diverse environments. Whether you’re safeguarding commercial spaces, residential properties, or industrial facilities, our brackets offer reliability and durability.


Engineered with precision, our maglock brackets guarantee seamless installation and optimal performance. With a versatile range of designs, our brackets accommodate various door types and configurations, providing a tailored solution for your security needs. From standard installations to specialised setups, our brackets deliver unparalleled versatility and functionality.

Mounting brackets by CDVI withstand rigorous use and maintain superior locking mechanisms. Crafted from robust materials, our brackets prioritise longevity and resilience, offering long-lasting support for your electro-magnetic locks. Moreover, they provide a sleek and polished finish that complements your decor without compromising on functionality.


Explore our comprehensive range of maglock brackets and accessories today to elevate your security infrastructure. Trust in our expertise to deliver superior solutions for mounting electro-magnetic locks securely and discreetly, ensuring optimal protection for your premises.


Wondering what bracket to use with what maglock? Check it our here.