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About DIGIWAY Automatic Swing Doors


DIGIWAY offers an automated solution for swing doors, widely installed in schools, hospitals, care homes, public buildings, and more globally. Fully compliant with EN16005 regulations, DIGIWAY ensures safe and discreet entry.


DIGIWAY comes in two models to suit different environments. For lower-traffic or residential installations, we recommend DIGIWAY Plus. For sites with higher traffic or more frequent usage, the chain-driven DIGIWAY Spring Return is more suitable.


DIGIWAY provides a highly versatile solution, compatible with single or double doors, and both internal and external doors. Additionally, our EN16005 kits include door operators and essential accessories to meet regulatory standards.


Prioritising safety, these door operators facilitate smooth pedestrian traffic while ensuring robust protection for users. Discover the seamless and discreet operation of DIGIWAY automatic doors today.