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About ievo Interface Boards


Enhance your access control system with ievo Interface Boards, the cornerstone of secure biometric data storage and management for ievo fingerprint readers.


We recommend that you install interface boards on the secure side of doors, bolstering security measures without compromising privacy. Unlike conventional systems, ievo Control Boards prioritise data protection by abstaining from storing original fingerprint images. As a result, they ensure the utmost confidentiality for users.


Rest assured, the stored templates are useless for reverse-engineering original images, thanks to our cutting-edge encryption algorithms. With ievo Control Boards, trust that your biometric data remains safeguarded against unauthorised access or breaches.


Elevate your security infrastructure with ievo’s trusted solutions and experience unparalleled peace of mind. Choose ievo for robust security, seamless integration, and, equally important, unmatched reliability in protecting your premises.


Read about how our Interface Boards store your fingerprint data safely.