2 available products


There are two door operators to choose from. Each type is better suited to different environments. Firstly, DIGIWAY Plus works best for sites with lower foot traffic and less intense usage. For example, in residential settings, the motor-driven DIGIWAY Plus mechanism is ideal.


Conversely, the DIGIWAY SR works best in higher-traffic environments. Where usage is expected to be greater and the operator requires greater robustness, the chain-driven Spring Return mechanism works best. Sites such as hospitals, colleges, and care homes commonly choose the DIGIWAY Spring Return.


DIGIWAY’s discreet operation enhances mobility within the building. Meanwhile, its built-in safety features, such as automatic stoppage when obstacles are detected, means it’s a safe and compliant solution. In addition, our range of safety sensors detect at-risk individuals in the path of the door to immediately halt movement.