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These tag credentials operate on the MIFARE® Classic 13.56MHz frequency. They work with access control systems to identify authorised users and grant them access to restricted areas. MIFARE technology has been widely popular around the world for a long time, thanks to its reliability and efficiency.


These handy fobs put convenience first, with handy slots for attaching to lanyards or keyrings. In addition, they’re compatible with all MIFARE Classic readers by CDVI. Implementing a new access control solution or upgrading an existing one is always easier when compatibility is ensured.


MIFARE Classic fobs are a form of smart credential. This means they hold more information than just the unique code identifying the user. As a result, the same credential can be used for multiple applications. For example, as well as an access control credential, a MIFARE Classic tag could carry loyalty points or pre-payment values.


In summary, these tags provide a reliable access control credential. They combine ease of use with a good range of compatibility to meet the needs to various projects and applications.