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About Ancillary Readers


Expand your standalone access control systems with auxiliary readers. These secondary readers play a pivotal role in increasing the coverage of your access control solution, ensuring that both sides of the door are protected against unauthorised entry. With auxiliary readers in place, only individuals with authorised credentials can gain access, fortifying your premises with an additional layer of protection.


Crafted from premium-quality, durable materials, our readers withstand the rigours of everyday use. They function effectively with our standalone controllers, providing reliable performance and peace of mind.


Unlock the full potential of your access control system with our versatile range of secondary readers. Seamlessly integrate them into your existing setup to extend security coverage and bolster access control capabilities. Customise your security strategy to meet the unique needs of your facility, enhancing both security and convenience for occupants.


Trust in our expertise and commitment to quality when choosing products for your access control needs. Experience the difference that quality can make in fortifying your premises and safeguarding your assets. Invest today and take your standalone access control system to new heights of security and efficiency.


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