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About Emergency Exit Devices


Emergency door releases are crucial components for ensuring rapid and safe egress during emergencies. These devices provide an immediate and reliable means of unlocking doors, allowing people to exit quickly and safely when every second counts. They are typically installed in locations where swift evacuation is critical. For example, they’re common in schools, hospitals, office buildings, and other public and commercial spaces.


Our range of emergency exit devices includes both breakglass and resettable versions, catering to different needs and preferences. The breakglass version features a glass panel that must be broken to activate the release mechanism. This type of release ensures that the mechanism is only used in genuine emergencies, as breaking the glass is a clear and decisive action.


On the other hand, the resettable version offers a more versatile and cost-effective solution. Instead of breaking the glass, users simply press a button to activate the release. After use, the mechanism resets quickly to its original state, making it ready for any future emergencies without the need for replacement parts. This resettable option is particularly advantageous in environments where frequent testing or false alarms may occur.


Both types of emergency door releases are designed to meet stringent safety standards and regulations, ensuring reliable performance when it is needed most. By providing a means of rapid egress, these devices play a vital role in safeguarding lives and enhancing the overall safety of buildings and facilities.