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Our DIGIWAY kits help you achieve full compliance with EN16005 regulations, as well as a smooth and discreet automatic door solution. The kits include either one or two door operators, depending on whether your project is for a single or a double door. In addition, you’ll receive infrared sensors, finger-guards to protect the hinge line, and adhesive safety signage.


We have single and double door kits including both the DIGIWAY Plus and the DIGIWAY SR. The Plus model is for lower-traffic sites expecting less intense usage. For example, the DIGIWAY Plus is commonly installed in residential settings to improve accessibility for wheelchair users. Conversely, the DIGIWAY SR is suited for more robust usage and higher traffic. Many care homes, schools, and hospitals opt for this model.


The EN16005 regulations apply to all door automation installations in the UK. Our kits help you to achieve compliance quickly and easily. CDVI Academy provides full hands-on training for installing DIGIWAY. Join us for a detailed, in-depth training session taking you through all the key steps in installing, configuring, and maintaining DIGIWAY door operators. Please not that in addition to our installation training, we recommend that all installers seek training from the ADIA or ADSA to gain a full understanding of the EN16005 regulations.