Who uses 2EASY video entry?

2EASY is a door entry solution that is quick and simple to install and offers users audio and video communication for an affordable price. With both a wired and an IP version available, 2EASY is flexible and adaptable to a wide range of projects. Additionally, the free smartphone app allows users to see and speak to visitors and control the door lock remotely*.

For private residences, 2EASY offers a simple and reliable home security system. Residents can have confidence in always knowing who’s at the door or gate and only allowing access to authorised people.

*only with a Wi-Fi enabled monitor

For university accommodation and apartment blocks, 2EASY is a simple and innovative way to control entry to flats. Students or residents can come and go as they please and feel safe in the dependable security of their building.

For commercial premises, 2EASY is a sleek solution for managing entry for visitors and employees alike. By making visitors feel welcome as soon as they arrive, while strictly ensuring that only authorised individuals can enter, businesses can get the best of both worlds.

Why choose 2EASY video entry?

2EASY systems give your customers a high security, high reliability solution that’s simple to install and easy to operate. The peace of mind of a secure home or business premises cannot be manufactured – it comes from trustworthy technology that ensures you always know who can gain access.


  • Seamless integration with ATRIUM access control
  • Zero subscription or cloud storage costs
  • Two-way audio and one- or two-way video
  • Free app to control visitor access from your phone

Data protection in the 2EASY app 

Video and audio communication with visitors
Wired or IP technology for a wide range of projects
Seamless integration with ATRIUM access control
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Which 2EASY is right for my project?

2EASY 2-Wire

The 2-wire system is ideal for smaller-scale projects of up to 32 monitors. As the name implies, it requires only a two-wire non-polarised connection, making installation and maintenance easy. 2EASY 2-Wire operates on its own network, and offers a choice of monitors and door stations to suit any environment.

2EASY 2-wire is ideal for projects requiring up to 32 monitors, but can be expanded to 128-way communication.



The IP range offers a flexible solution for larger video entry projects. Powered by PoE, the system doesn’t require invasive dedicated wiring, making installations quick and easy. 2EASY IP can be added to existing building networks and offers a choice of monitors and door stations to suit any environment.

2EASY IP is suitable for projects small and large – communication from a single door station can be expanded to up to 256 monitors. With the addition of a special switch for complex building systems, up to 8,000 monitors can be networked together.

The 2EASY 2-wire series can be expanded for up to 128-way systems, ideal for apartment blocks
With 2EASY IP, up to 256 monitors can be connected to a single door station
2EASY IP offers unprecedented scalability for complex building systems with up to 8000 networked monitors

Pre-packed kits for easy installation

Both the 2-Wire and IP ranges are available in pre-packed kits, containing all the key elements you need for a working system.

Kits come with a combination of a monitor, a door station, and power ancillaries such as a PoE splitter or power/bus combiner. The kits are available with monitors in different colours as well as single-button or keypad-style door stations. It’s up to you which combination to choose for your project!

Need help with 2EASY video entry products?

The 2EASY App and GDPR

The VDP Connect app is developed in China.

It does not need to conform to the European GDPR regulations or the UK Data Protection Act. The app cannot be accessed by anything other than the monitor to which it is directly connected. The app does not record any video, audio, or still images.  It does not require or save any personal details. The only functions on a smartphone that are accessed by the app are the video, audio, and notifications.

The SIP server for the app is located in Frankfurt in Germany.

The only way any person other than the user can access the app is if they copy the QR code from the app, or directly transfer all the connection details from the user’s phone or monitor.

The VDP Connect app is safe and secure for everyday use.

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Free installer training

Here at CDVI we believe that installer training should always be free, friendly, and safe. Our 2EASY courses are in webinar format and can be joined remotely from wherever you are. You’ll learn about the key features and functions of the 2EASY system, as well as top tips and tricks to make every installation successful.