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About ievo Biometric Fingerprint Readers


Discover the cutting-edge in access control technology with ievo’s advanced biometric fingerprint readers. Offering unparalleled security advantages, these biometric readers mitigate risks associated with lost, stolen, or shared cards.


By employing high-quality sensors and state-of-the-art security features, ievo’s fingerprint reader heads guarantee robust protection for any environment. Seamlessly integrating with our ATRIUM access control system, these biometric solutions ensure effortless management and enhanced security protocols.


Embrace the future of access control technology with ievo’s innovative fingerprint reader heads, setting new standards for reliability and efficiency in safeguarding your premises. Experience peace of mind knowing that your access points are protected by the most advanced biometric authentication technology available.


Upgrade your security infrastructure today with ievo’s biometric solutions and stay ahead of evolving security threats.


Learn more about the type of fingerprint sensors used in ievo biometric readers here.