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Our DC power supplies are designed to meet the needs of various security and access control projects. Applications include access control systems, electronic locking mechanisms, and any other devices requiring voltage transformation from 230V. The extensive range ensures compatibility with a wide variety of systems. Outputs vary from 8Vdc to 24Vdc and current capacity ranges from 1A to 5A. This flexibility makes CDVI power supplies suitable for small, single-door installations as well as larger, more complex systems.


The power supplies are available in both secured and unsecured models. This allows for customisation based on the needs of the installation environment. Additionally, customers can choose between linear and switching models, each offering distinct advantages in terms of efficiency and performance. A key feature of CDVI power supplies is their built-in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) capability. This ensures continuous operation of security systems during power outages. This feature is critical in maintaining the integrity of secure environments, as it prevents electronic locks from disengaging when there is a loss of power.