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About 26-bit Keypads


Wiegand keypads offer an ideal solution for integration into online access control systems. Utilising a straightforward 26-bit Wiegand connection, users input valid code combinations to authorise and grant access to registered individuals. These keypads come in various shapes and colours, allowing for customisation to suit different environments and preferences.


Additionally, they feature soft backlighting, enhancing visibility in low-light conditions or darkness, ensuring ease of use at all times. Whether installed in office buildings, residential complexes, or educational institutions, Wiegand keypads provide a reliable and user-friendly means of access control.


Their compatibility with online access control systems simplifies the management of access privileges and enhances overall security measures. With their versatility, durability, and user-friendly design, Wiegand keypads offer a dependable solution for controlling access to secured areas in various settings.


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