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About Cable Loops


Door cords or cable loops are essential components for ensuring that cables are transferred from one place to another safely and efficiently. These loops protect vulnerable cables with a flexible and robust metal casing, shielding them from potential damage and wear. Cable loops are particularly ideal for passing cables neatly and tidily from one side of a door to the other, maintaining both functionality and aesthetics in various installations.

All CDVI cable loops have a minimum internal diameter of 7mm, making them suitable for the majority of common cable types used in door locking and door control systems. This ensures compatibility and ease of installation across a wide range of applications. The CDVI range includes models of different lengths, such as 30cm, 45cm, and 60cm, providing versatility to accommodate various project requirements and specifications.

These loops are not only practical but also offer a discreet cabling solution. This allows for seamless integration into diverse architectural designs and colour schemes. Our loops blend in discreetly rather than stand out. The combination of functionality, protection, and aesthetic appeal makes CDVI cable loops an excellent choice for securing and managing cables in door-related installations.

By choosing CDVI cable loops, you can enhance the durability and reliability of your cable installations while maintaining a clean and professional appearance. Whether you are working on a small residential project or a large commercial installation, CDVI offers the right solution to meet your needs.