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Our receivers offer a straightforward solution for integrating wireless technology with networked access control systems. Featuring a 26-bit Wiegand output, these receivers easily connect to online access control systems, facilitating seamless integration and enhancing security. Their compact design ensures they fit conveniently into various setups without requiring significant space. Compatible with all TX26 Series transmitters, our Wiegand-enabled radio receivers provide versatility and reliability, making them a valuable addition to many access control configurations. Select from handheld, wall-mounted, externally rated, or touchless radio transmitters to complete your project.


These receivers are particularly well-suited for incorporating automatic doors, gates, barriers, or lights into an access control system. By enabling wireless communication between access points and the control system, receivers with Wiegand outputs eliminate the need for extensive cabling, simplifying installation and reducing costs. Ideal for both new installations and upgrades of existing systems, they help streamline operations and enhance the functionality of access control solutions.


With their user-friendly design, broad compatibility, and robust performance, these components are an excellent choice for modern access control needs. They ensure secure, efficient, and reliable management of access points, making them indispensable for maintaining high-security standards.