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Solenoid bolts are an electrical locking solution that use a small motor activated by an electrical impulse to secure doors. Unlike traditional locks, which require manual key operation, solenoids provide a convenient and automated alternative. As a result, they are highly effective in a variety of security scenarios.


When an electrical signal is sent to the solenoid, it activates the motor, which then moves the bolt into the locked or unlocked position. This process happens swiftly and smoothly, ensuring reliable and quick access control. These locks are particularly useful in situations where electromagnetic locks might not be practical. For example, they are ideal in environments where power consumption needs to be minimised, or where magnetic interference could be an issue.


These bolts are versatile and can be installed in a range of settings, including residential, commercial, and industrial applications. They are ideal for securing doors, cabinets, and safes. They provide a robust solution that integrates seamlessly with existing security systems. Additionally, bolts are often used in access control systems, where they can be easily connected to keypads, card readers, or biometric scanners for enhanced security.


Overall, solenoid bolts offer a reliable, efficient, and practical solution for securing various types of entry points, combining modern technology with robust security features.