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Fire rated locks are essential for ensuring safety on fire doors and other doors that necessitate protection from fire hazards. These locks endure high temperatures and maintain their structural integrity and functionality during a fire. Our testing process adheres strictly to the BS EN regulations. This ensures that each lock meets the rigorous standards required for fire safety.


A critical aspect of fire rated locks is the time duration for which they withstand fire. Often, you’ll see them categorised into 30, 60, or 120 minutes. Each time frame indicates how long the lock remained fully operational while exposed to intense heat and fire conditions. For instance, a lock with a 60-minute fire rating functions effectively for a full hour during a fire, providing crucial security and protection.


The duration of functionality during a fire indicates the lock’s resilience and reliability in emergency situations. In a real-world fire scenario, a lock that maintains its integrity may mean the difference between life and death, ensuring that doors remain secure or allow egress when needed for escape. Therefore, choosing the appropriate fire rated lock based on its time duration rating is a vital consideration for any safety plan. These locks provide peace of mind, knowing they have been rigorously tested and proven to perform under the most extreme conditions.