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About Proximity Credentials


125kHz proximity credentials combine simple and effective technology with affordability. By streamlining access control systems, these credentials offer a straightforward and budget-friendly solution. Available in both swipe card and keyring tag formats, they provide users with a range of convenient options.


These credentials work smoothly with compatible access control systems. By scanning and validating quickly, disruption and bottlenecks at access points is reduced. Whether users prefer swipe cards or keyring tags, granting access to authorised individuals is easy and efficient.


125kHz is an RFID technology that’s been trusted since the earliest days of electronic access control. For simple systems in lower security environments such as commercial offices, this is a cost-effective technology that does what it says on the tin. With a range of stylish compatible readers, CDVI’s solutions provide an aesthetic and functional access control solution.


Say goodbye to complex procedures and foot traffic tailbacks. These credentials make entry and exit smooth and simple. And what’s more, they do it without compromising on effectiveness. Streamline your security without breaking the bank with proximity credentials by CDVI.


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