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About Accessories for ievo Biometric Solutions

Upgrade your ievo installation with a comprehensive range of fingerprint reader accessories to enhance functionality and performance. Our selection of accessories offers everything you need to optimise your installation.


Mounting kits provide secure and convenient installation options, ensuring your fingerprint readers are positioned for optimal performance and ease of access. Rain shields offer protection against the elements, safeguarding your readers from moisture and debris, thus ensuring uninterrupted operation in outdoor environments.


In addition to essential accessories, we also offer supplementary relay modules, enabling seamless integration with other security components and systems. These modules expand the capabilities of your fingerprint readers, allowing for enhanced functionality and versatility in access control applications.


At CDVI, we prioritise quality and durability in all our products, including fingerprint reader accessories. Manufactured from premium materials, our accessories withstand the demands of diverse environments, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.


Enhance the security and efficiency of your access control system with mounting kits, rain shields, and relay modules specially designed to complement your ievo biometric fingerprint readers.


Trust in our expertise and commitment to quality as you enhance the security of your premises. Invest in fingerprint readers today and elevate your access control system to new heights of performance and reliability.


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