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About CDVI Readers


Readers for access control systems identify users from credentials presented to them. The credentials may come in the form of cards, tags, or key fobs. They contain unique codes that identify specific users from the access control system’s database. When the credential is presented, the reader transmits its information back to the system’s control board. If the user has the right permissions to access that area, they are granted entry.


Readers come in an array of different technologies and communication protocols. The CDVI range includes standard proximity readers, MIFARE Classic readers, and high security MIFARE DESFire readers. The high security models are additionally protected with AES encryption, ensuring that transmitted data is kept secure.


In addition to different technologies, access control readers vary greatly in colour, shape, size, and design style. Some are suitable for outdoor use, and others come with interchangeable covers for a flexible aesthetic. Whether you want your readers to stand out from their surrounding or blend in, CDVI’s diverse range has something for you.


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