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These sensors provide cutting-edge laser technology employed to precisely detect the presence of individuals or obstacles within their vicinity. These advanced sensors are meticulously calibrated to pinpoint the exact location of people or obstructions. Upon detection, they communicate with an automatic door system, initiating swift action to ensure safety and efficiency.


When individuals are detected approaching the door, the laser sensors pick them up. They then trigger the automatic door mechanism to swing open, facilitating seamless access. This swift response enhances convenience for users, eliminating the need for manual interaction with the door. In addition, they improve hygiene by ensuring that access is completely touch-free.


Conversely, if the sensors detect an obstruction in the door’s path, such as a person or object, they instantly halt the door’s movement. This instantaneous response prevents potential collisions and mitigates the risk of injury, ensuring a safe environment for all occupants.


By integrating sensors with automatic door systems, establishments can enhance both accessibility and safety. These sophisticated sensors not only streamline access control processes but also provide a proactive approach to preventing accidents and injuries. As such, they demonstrate our commitment to prioritising the well-being of individuals within the premises.