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About ATRIUM High Security Access Control


Looking for a reliable access control solution? Look no further than ATRIUM by CDVI. ATRIUM controllers and modules boast swift installation, user-friendly operation, and hassle-free maintenance. With solutions tailored for up to 500 doors and accommodating 10,000 users, ATRIUM offers scalability without compromising efficiency.


ATRIUM streamlines access management, ensuring smooth entry and exit processes for authorised personnel. In addition, seamless integrations with existing systems minimise disruptions during installation, making ATRIUM online access control ideal for businesses seeking a hassle-free upgrade.


Designed with simplicity in mind, ATRIUM controllers empower users with intuitive interfaces, reducing the learning curve associated with traditional access control systems. This simplicity translates to lower training costs and increased productivity for your organization.


Whether you’re securing a small office or managing a large facility, ATRIUM provides the flexibility and scalability needed to adapt to your evolving security needs. Their robust construction and reliable performance guarantee peace of mind, knowing your premises are safeguarded against unauthorised access.


Experience the convenience and reliability of ATRIUM for your access control needs. Trust CDVI’s expertise to deliver solutions that prioritise security without compromising on usability. Invest in ATRIUM today and elevate your access control capabilities to new heights.


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