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    About CDVI’s Ready-Made ievo Kits


    Experience seamless integration and enhanced security with our comprehensive biometric kits, providing a cohesive access control solution for fingerprint recognition systems. Our pre-packed kits combine cutting-edge readers with controllers, locks, and essential accessories, delivering a streamlined biometric solution.


    ievo biometric solutions provide robust and reliable access control around the world. Fingerprint readers reduce the risk of physical credentials being lost, stolen, or misused by unauthorised individuals. Moreover, the high-performance sensors inside our products drive better efficiency and security throughout your whole premises.


    With our kits, you can effortlessly implement advanced security measures tailored to your unique requirements. Whether securing a small office or a large-scale facility, our kits provide the scalability and flexibility needed to adapt to diverse environments with ease.


    Optimised for efficiency and ease of installation, ievo kits ensure a hassle-free setup process. As a result, they minimise downtime and maximise productivity. Empower your access control system with the latest in biometric technology, backed by our industry-leading expertise and support. Get in touch today for more information!


    Unlock the full potential of biometric access control with our comprehensive kits, engineered to deliver unparalleled security and convenience. Choose biometric access control by CDVI for robust, reliable, and future-proof solutions tailored to your security needs.


    Find out how our pre-packaged kits can help securing your premise.