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  • BLOG: How to choose the right transmitters and receivers

    Radio transmission is an unsung hero of access control and security. Wireless technology is secure, reliable, and convenient – all…

  • BLOG: What is EN16005 and how do you comply with it?

    EN16005 (officially known in the UK as BS EN 16005) is a European standard that defines a set of best…

  • BLOG: 5 ways access control improves a healthcare facility

    Healthcare institutions work around the clock to look after people at their most vulnerable. Access control provides security and peace…

  • A small reader is mounted on a white wall while an outstretched hand presents a tag credential to it

    BLOG: The 3 core types of access control

    When you think about it, the advantages of access control are clear. Employees, customers, products, data, and equipment can all…

  • A closeup of hands typing on a laptop keyboard overlaid with a graphic representing cyber security

    NEWS: CDVI Launches New Website

    Following months of behind-the-scenes work, the new site is now open for visitors at www.cdvi.co.uk.

  • A graphical representation of a padlock on a black background in bright light blue representing security

    NEWS: CDVI Group Acquires JIS Strikes Manufacturer

    CDVI Group is delighted to announce the successful acquisition of NADAL BADAL, the Spanish company behind JIS locks.

  • Automatic door operator for swing doors mounted above door frame with door held open

    BLOG: 3 Ways Door Automation Improves Your Workplace and Supports Your Employees

    Door automation is a versatile and adaptable solution that solves a number of common challenges in modern workplaces. By improving…

  • A group of smartly dressed women gathered in a modern meeting room. A woman is standing up at a large whiteboard holding a pen, while the other women contribute ideas

    BLOG: What is access control and why does your business need it?

    Access control is about controlling, limiting, or restricting the people who can enter a certain area. Knowing who can access…

  • NEWS: CDVI Named Finalists Twice in the PSI Premier Awards

    CDVI’s brand new iface™ biometric facial recognition solution has been nominated in the Access Control Product of the Year 2022…

  • An electromagnetic lock mounted on a door with a green LED at the bottom to indicate its status

    BLOG: Robust, reliable maglocks: the V Series

    It's not easy finding reliable maglocks. We have a solution - the V Series. Find out why they're the best…

  • NEWS: CDVI Releases Advanced High Speed Facial Recognition Product

    Global access control manufacturer CDVI has announced the official release of iface™, an advanced biometric facial recognition unit.

  • NEWS: CDVI Wins ADI Access Control Suppliers Award

    Global access control manufacturer CDVI were presented the annual Access Control Suppliers Award at the ADI Symposium on 9th March…