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  • BLOG: What does continuous current mean?

    Continuous current is a term that crops up in locking. But what does it mean? And where should continuous rated…

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  • Types of biometric access control - fingerprint, facial recognition, and more

    BLOG: Types of biometric access control: fingerprint, face, and more

    Biometric access control exploits the things that make you unique to enhance security and ensure that only authorised individuals enter…

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  • video entry systems for residential access control

    BLOG: Business security and access control: the role of video entry systems

    Video entry systems facilitate communication between people inside a building and visitors outside it.

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  • integrating cameras with access control systems - ANPR camera overlooking motorway

    BLOG: Integrating cameras with your access control system

    How can cameras be incorporated into your access control solution? What are the benefits of integrating cameras? What solutions are…

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  • FAR and FRR in biometric security - fingerprint scanner with outstretched hand

    BLOG: FAR and FRR in biometric security

    What do FAR and FRR mean? Are they important in biometric access control systems?

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  • Automatic door sensors - diagram of a door with sensor active zone indicated

    BLOG: How do automatic door sensors work?

    Wherever you see an automatic door, you will almost always find sensors. But how do they work?

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  • Low energy maglocks | V Series magnetic locks by CDVI

    BLOG: Saving costs with the V5SR low consumption magnetic lock

    Our new low energy maglocks use less energy and cost less money to run.

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  • CUBEKIT Wireless Transmission Solution | Door and gate automation made easy

    PRESS RELEASE: CDVI Launches CUBEKIT Wireless Transmission Solution

    CUBEKIT, part of the CUBE X radio solutions ecosystem, includes one radio receiver and two handheld transmitters.

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  • Long range access control | Graphic showing blue padlock graphic on dark background

    Long-range access control: use cases and benefits

    For most organisations, safety and security feature very high up the list of priorities. Today, a wide range of technologies…

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  • Turnstiles providing biometric access control with fingerprint readers mounted on top

    BLOG: Access control systems for turnstiles

    Turnstiles are a method of automating access control and entry. They can save space, save costs, and help process high…

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  • Hospital corridor with bed and staff

    BLOG: 5 ways access control improves a healthcare facility

    Healthcare institutions work around the clock to look after people at their most vulnerable. Access control provides security and peace…

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  • Common mistakes when installing automatic doors | installer with toolbox

    BLOG: Common mistakes when installing automatic doors

    Installing automatic doors is a delicate skill, requiring expert knowledge and careful attention to detail.

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