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About Electro-Magnetic Locks


Maglocks consist of an electro-magnet and an armature plate. They are easy to install and offer both durability and longevity to physical security and access control systems. These simple locks hold doors closed by using the power of magnetic attraction. The magnet is fitted to the door frame, while the armature plate fixes to the door leaf itself. When electrical power is applied to the magnet, it generates a strong magnetic field. It’s that force of attraction between the magnet and the armature that holds the door robustly locked.


All maglocks are fail safe locks by their nature. If there is no power applied to the magnet, it cannot create a magnetic field that holds the door closed. This inherent nature of electro-magnets means they are ideal for emergency exits and fire doors. In the event of an emergency where power supply drops, any people inside a building can safely exit as the magnet will immediately lose power. In addition, maglocks are well-suited to glass doors, where other types of locks cannot be installed.