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About Electric Strikes


Electric strike locks provide a robust security solution comprising a powered latch and a faceplate. These locks remain secure when the latch is engaged, effectively holding the door closed. Electric strikes come in various configurations: some are fail-safe, while others are fail-secure. Certain models even offer the flexibility to switch between these two modes. In a fail-safe configuration, the lock requires electrical power to remain locked, and it unlocks when power is removed. Conversely, in a fail-secure setup, the lock remains locked when power is lost and only unlocks when power is applied.


Electric strikes are popular for their cost-effectiveness, compact size, and durability. Installers often favour them due to their small, unobtrusive design, which makes it easy to achieve a clean and aesthetically pleasing installation. Their compact nature ensures they integrate seamlessly into various door frames without compromising the door’s appearance or functionality.


One of the key advantages of electric strikes is their compatibility with manual handles. When a door equipped with an electric strike is opened using a manual handle, the handle retracts the door snib, allowing the electric strike to disengage and the door to open freely. This functionality makes electric strikes an ideal choice for doors that require both security and ease of access.


Overall, electric strike locks provide a versatile and reliable security solution suitable for a wide range of applications, from residential to commercial settings. Their adaptability, ease of installation, and discreet appearance make them an excellent choice for enhancing security without sacrificing style.