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About Electro-Magnetic Locks


Electro-magnetic locks are robust and versatile electronic locking solutions widely used in various applications. Due to their inherently fail-safe nature, they are ideal for installation on emergency exits and certified fire doors. These locks consist of a magnet fitted to the door frame and an armature plate attached to the door leaf. When power is applied, the electro-magnet generates a magnetic field that securely holds the door closed, ensuring robust security.


Our range of maglocks includes models designed for both internal and external installations, catering to a variety of needs. We offer options for surface and mortice mounting, providing flexibility in installation. Additionally, our product line features shearlocks, mini magnets for very narrow doors, and architectural handles and transom housings, ensuring a comprehensive solution for diverse requirements.


Understanding that powerful locking mechanisms are crucial for effective access control systems, we prioritise high-quality components in our electro-magnets. Our 100% copper coils deliver superior strength and durability compared to cheaper aluminium alternatives. This commitment to quality ensures that our locks provide the full stated holding force during testing, maintaining their reliability and effectiveness over time.


Moreover, our locks are encased in thicker, more tightly fitting casings, further enhancing their durability and security. Whether for commercial, industrial, or residential applications, our electro-magnetic locks offer the reliability and performance needed to keep premises secure. With a focus on quality and robustness, our locks are a trusted choice for ensuring safety and security in various settings.