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About 2EASY IP Video Entry


Upgrade your property’s security and communication capabilities with 2EASY IP, a simple and efficient video access control technology. Engineered for seamless integration and ease of use, these systems offer hassle-free installation and high-quality video communications.


One of the key advantages of 2EASY IP systems lies in the simplicity and ease of installation. IP technology means you can integrate quickly and easily into existing building networks, eliminating the need for complex wiring setups and reducing installation time and costs. For homes, offices, and industrial settings, 2EASY IP provides a versatile solution for enhancing security and communication.


With 2EASY IP video entry, users enjoy high-quality video communications. Crisp and clear visuals allow users to connect with ease and clarity. Whether welcoming guests, managing deliveries, or controlling access to restricted areas, 2EASY IP video entry systems provide intuitive functionality that meets the needs of a wide range of buildings and users.


Upgrade your access control infrastructure today with 2EASY IP and enjoy the benefits of reliable communication and enhanced security. Trust in CDVI to deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. With 2EASY IP, you can take your property’s security and communication capabilities to the next level while enjoying the simplicity and convenience of modern technology.