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About All-Active Switches


All-active buttons are the perfect solution for accessibility projects. They prioritise ease of use and convenience for all users. Featuring large target areas that eliminate the need for precise pushing or touching, these devices are specifically designed to enhance accessibility. People with limited mobility must be able to move around buildings and interact with systems without difficulty.


All-active exit buttons offer a user-friendly experience, ensuring that everyone can navigate through access points easily. By eliminating the requirement for fine motor skills, these devices promote inclusivity and independence. As a result, they empower users to move through spaces with confidence and dignity.


Whether installed in public buildings, healthcare facilities, or commercial spaces, these buttons provide a seamless solution that meets the needs of diverse user groups. Their intuitive design and ease of operation make them an essential component of any accessible environment.


At CDVI, we recognise the importance of accessibility and strive to offer innovative solutions that promote equal access for all. Our all-active buttons exemplify this commitment. They provide a simple and above all effective way to improve accessibility in any setting. Contact us today to learn more about how our accessible solutions can enhance your project.


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