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About CENTAUR Accessories


CENTAUR is an enterprise-level networked access control solution which meets the demands of large sites and complex projects. It accommodates up to 64 concurrent sites with ease. Known for its robust and reliable performance, as a result CENTAUR ensures optimal security and efficiency. At the core of every CENTAUR system is the powerful CTV900ATR controller, which acts as the central hub around which the ecosystem of components is developed.


When it comes to enhancing and customising your CENTAUR system, our extensive range of ancillaries is second to none. Our selection includes both technical system components and supplementary ancillaries, all designed to enhance the overall user experience. A key aspect of a successful access control solution is its ability to operate smoothly and seamlessly, providing a hassle-free experience for end-users. These accessories ensure that users find the system simple and convenient to use, without compromising on security and functionality.


Among our accessories, you will find everything needed to optimise your access control setup. These accessories not only integrate flawlessly with the CTV900ATR controller but also elevate the overall performance of the CENTAUR system.


By choosing CENTAUR and its range of specialised accessories, you are investing in a future-proof access control solution that guarantees security, reliability, and user satisfaction. Discover the full potential of your access control system with our comprehensive lineup of accessories, tailored to meet the unique needs of your site or project.