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About Finger-Guards


Finger-guards are essential safety devices which prevent the trapping of fingers in the hinge line of automatic doors. These protective mechanisms reduce the risk of injury, especially in environments frequented by children, such as schools, nurseries, and family homes. Finger-guards create a barrier that covers the gap between the door and the frame, effectively preventing fingers from being caught and crushed as the door closes.


One of the significant advantages of these guards is their cost-effectiveness. They provide an affordable solution for enhancing door safety without the need for expensive modifications or replacements. Additionally, they are straightforward to install, making them a convenient option for both new installations and retrofitting existing doors. Most models attach easily using adhesive strips or screws, ensuring a secure fit that can withstand regular use.


The versatility of these finger protectors allows them to be used on various types of automatic doors, including those in commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, and public spaces. By implementing guards, organisations can significantly reduce the likelihood of finger-trapping accidents, thereby promoting a safer environment for everyone.


In summary, finger-guards are a practical, cost-effective, and easy-to-install solution for preventing finger-trapping incidents in the hinge line of automatic doors. Their simple installation process and effectiveness make them an invaluable addition to any setting where door safety is a concern.