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Discover the convenience and security of radio frequency 2-channel transmitters. They are the ideal solution for automatic access control and door entry projects. Offering enhanced functionality and versatility, these transmitters provide a seamless way to manage multiple access points with ease.


At CDVI, we understand the importance of reliable and flexible access control solutions. That is why our 2-channel transmitters meet the diverse needs of our customers by design. Whether you’re securing a commercial building, residential complex, or industrial facility, our transmitters offer a convenient and efficient way to manage entry points.


Additionally, with two radio channels available, our transmitters allow for increased flexibility in access control operations. This means you can program different functionalities for each channel, such as opening multiple doors or activating various security systems, all from a single device. In addition, this not only streamlines operations but also enhances security.


Moreover, installation is quick and easy, with our transmitters user-friendly which are straightforward to set up. Simply program the desired settings and you’re ready to go, with no complicated wiring or programming required.


Experience peace of mind knowing that your access control system is backed by the reliability and security of CDVI’s radio frequency transmitters. With their handy, secure, and flexible features, they provide a convenient solution for managing access control in any environment.


Upgrade your access control system today with CDVI’s radio frequency 2-channel transmitters and enjoy the convenience and security they bring to your door entry projects. Trust in our expertise and dedication to quality to provide you with the best access control solutions for your needs.