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About ATRIUM’s Firmware Upgrades and Integrations


Unlock the full potential of your ATRIUM A22 controller with ATRIUM firmware upgrade modules. Designed to seamlessly integrate with third-party solutions like Aperio wireless handles and Schlage wireless locks, these modules enhance the functionality of your access control system. The modules enable different modes of operation through a simple firmware upgrade. ATRIUM offers unparalleled flexibility and compatibility.


Upgrade your A22 controller to adapt to various access control scenarios effortlessly. Whether you’re looking to enhance convenience or improve security, ATRIUM makes it possible with minimal effort.


Experience the convenience of converting your ATRIUM A22 controller to suit your specific needs. With the flexibility to switch between different modes of operation, you can customise your access control system to meet evolving requirements. In addition, save costs by reducing hardware replacements.


ATRIUM firmware upgrade modules streamline the upgrade process, allowing you to unlock new capabilities and features with ease. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and embrace seamless integration.


Trust CDVI’s expertise in access control solutions to deliver reliable and innovative products that cater to your unique requirements. Invest in ATRIUM firmware upgrade modules today and take your access control system to the next level.


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