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KRYPTO emerges as the epitome of ultra-high security within the ATRIUM access control family. With all the proven features of ATRIUM, KRYPTO further fortifies its security arsenal with end-to-end AES encryption. This advanced encryption ensures that data transfer within the system, from credentials to readers, readers to controllers, and controllers to servers, remains impervious to external threats, elevating security to unparalleled levels.


Each KRYPTO kit comprises essential components crucial for establishing a robust high-security access system. These meticulously curated kits offer a comprehensive solution tailored to diverse security needs. Some kits encompass fundamental elements such as controllers, readers, and cards, providing a foundational framework for access control. Meanwhile, other kits go the extra mile, incorporating additional security features like strikes or maglocks alongside controllers, readers, and cards, catering to environments demanding enhanced security measures.


By offering versatile kit configurations, KRYPTO simplifies the implementation of high-security access systems across various settings, from residential complexes to commercial establishments and public facilities. With KRYPTO kits, achieving top-tier security is not only achievable but also straightforward, ensuring peace of mind for users while safeguarding valuable assets and sensitive information.