About ievo biometrics

ievo solutions are designed to bring next generation biometric technology to the world of access control. Biometric systems offer benefits for both security and convenience. It’s our mission to bring those benefits to as many worldwide users as possible. We believe that biometric access and entry solutions can and should be easy to install, simple to use, and robustly secure. ievo solutions include both fingerprint recognition and facial recognition technology.

We’re proud to manufacture biometric products that use best-in-class components to ensure high performance. In addition, we build a wide range of extra security features into our solutions to keep user data as safe as possible. ievo biometrics are the ideal third-party biometric solution for access control and time & attendance systems. We’re already integrated into market-leading solutions, and our mid-point software isync makes new integrations simpler than ever.


Biometric Fingerprint Readers

ievo biometric fingerprint readers combine robust security with high performance. Designed as a third-party solution for integration into access control and time & attendance solutions, ievo readers are both easy to use and equipped with best-in-class technology.

The core component of the ievo ultimate™ reader is its multi-spectral imaging sensor. This world-class technology uses nine different light sources to penetrate deeper into the surface of the fingerprint. As a result, the captured images are extremely accurate and highly reliable.

In terms of data security, ievo readers are inimitable. When a user first presents their finger to the reader, the multi-spectral scanner produces a digital image of the print. Tiny, unique features called minutiae are identified – up to 100 of them. The pattern and structure of the minutiae are converted via an advanced proprietary algorithm into a template saved on the accompanying Interface Board. The original image is permanently erased, and cannot be reproduced using backwards-engineering.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology utilises the unique shapes, sizes, and structures of people’s facial features to verify their identity. Similarly to fingerprint recognition, the pattern of these features is converted into a digital map of the face. This digital template is then compared against the saved database to establish whether a match exists or not.

In access control, facial recognition offers ultimate convenience and unparalleled speed. iface™ by CDVI identifies and authenticates faces in just one second. And what’s more, the user doesn’t have to remember a PIN, carry a card, or wear a lanyard. There’s nothing for them to forget at home or have stolen. In situ, facial recognition can also make life much easier, especially in workplaces where it’s not always easy to have a hand free to operate another kind of access control system. Think warehouses, manufacturing plants, care homes, and hospitals.


ievo ultimate™ ievo micro™ iface
Technology Fingerprint Fingerprint Face
Capacity Up to 50,000* Up to 50,000* Up to 20,000 (1:N mode)
Card Reader Optional MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 Optional MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 Built-in MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 and FeliCa®
Sensor type Multi-spectral imaging (MSI) High performance optical Dual camera (white light and near-infrared)
Encryption AES128 data transmission (optional) AES128 data transmission (optional)
Mounting Surface or flush Surface or flush Surface only
Environment Internal or external (IP65) Internal only Internal only
Customisation Custom RAL colours available Custom RAL colours available
Spoof detection Optional parameter Optional parameter Built-in
Dimensions 128 x 93 x 93 155 x 55 x 70 200 x 100 x 36


*with IEVO-MB Interface Board

biometric fingerprint identification access control



ievo readers are the ideal third-party biometric solution for access control and time & attendance systems. With dozens of off-the-shelf integrations into a wide range of softwares and systems, seamless operations are made easy.


isync is the heart of ievo integrations. It is specifically designed to facilitate third-party integrations. Instead of plugging directly into the ievo software, isync provides a simple mid-point. In addition, isync also makes multi-site management simpler, with everything running through one platform.

CENTAUR software | integration network graphic

Integration Partners

We work closely with access control and time & attendance manufacturers to establish seamless integrations. With off-the-shelf options with popular solutions such as CDVI’s ATRIUM and Paxton Net2, as well as our isync midpoint software making new integrations easier, there’s something for everyone.

For more information about existing integrations, or to enquire about new projects, contact our Technical Support team or book a meeting with our biometrics expert.


ievo for Industries

ievo biometric solutions have been installed all around the world in many different environments. In combination with access control or time & attendance systems, ievo fingerprint and facial recognition technology improves security, monitoring, health & safety, privacy, and convenience.

From care homes to construction sites and leisure centres to retail, ievo provides diverse solutions to all kinds of buildings. Find out more about how biometrics could benefit your organisation today!

Businesses & End Users

More and more businesses are adopting biometric authentication methods for staff. In 2022, 79% of companies in the USA were using some form of biometrics. Why? Because of the inherent benefits to security, convenience, and tracking that biometrics offer.

Biometric access control in your business means:

  • no more cards or fobs that are constantly lost, stolen, or damaged
  • no more card cloning risks or people tailgating through access points
  • better data security and resistance to cyber attacks
  • more reliable tracking of entry and exit at access points
ievo desktop fingerprint registration unit with a hand hovering above

Installers & Security Companies

ievo products are specially designed as third-party biometric solutions for access control and time & attendance systems. Integrations are quicker and simpler with the ievo isync software acting as a mid-point.

For their customers, installers can provide:

  • high performance biometric technology
  • seamless integrations into existing systems
  • benefits to security, convenience, and cost
  •  robust cyber preparedness with added security features

Integrators & Solution Providers

Whether you’re in access control, time & attendance, or workforce management, ievo fingerprint readers offer added value for your clients. As well as the inherent security benefits of biometrics, ievo readers enable the customisation of access levels across the entire premises.

With the isync software acting as a mid-point between the ievo readers and your solution software, integration is simplified. ievo already integrates with solutions such as Datascope, Paxton Net2, Nomical, Keytracker, Genetec, and more.

Care homes
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Fitness & leisure
Food & drink manufacturing

Biometrics case studies

Napoleon’s Casino

A high-security biometric method to validate staff access to a casino in Manchester.


Technical Support

We are here for you. Our UK-based technical support team is dedicated to resolving your issue, no matter how small or large. We are available from 8.45am to 5.15pm Monday to Friday. You can contact us via:

  • Phone. Call 0845 643 6632 from the UK, or +44 (0) 191 296 3623 from any other country. Press for Technical Support.
  • Web Chat. Click the blue icon in the bottom-right of your screen to start a chat with one of our expert operators.
  • Email. Email support.ievo@cdvi.co.uk with details of your issue – and remember, photos always make it easier.
  • Contact Form. Leave us a message at any time using our Contact page, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
CENTAUR software | integration network graphic


Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions – chances are, someone else has already asked us your question.

The FAQs for fingerprint and facial recognition cover basic questions on the hardware, software, and day-to-day usage of ievo products.


You can download ievo documents, software, and firmware from this website. In order to access the downloads, you will first need to create an account.

If you are not sure what you need, please contact Technical Support and we will assist you and provide you with links to the items you require.


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Biometric access control | An ievo ultimate fingerprint reader mounted outdoors on a white wall in atmospheric light. Some light moisture covers the reader, showing that it is robust enough to function even in the rain

Why Biometrics?

Better security

Biometric data is unique to individuals, making it extremely difficult to lose, steal, or clone. This inherent uniqueness means security is more robust and resilient.

More compliance

Make card sharing is a thing of the past. With biometrics, you know that only authorised individuals can utilise their own biometric features.

Less admin

Over time, a biometric solution requires less admin time and no ongoing costs for replacing lost, stolen, or damaged cards/fobs.

Data protection

There is no data stored on the ievo fingerprint reader heads at all. So even if the product is vandalised or stolen, the data is safe.

High reliability

We use best-in-class components in ievo products to ensure that they work well and last longer. ievo offers solutions for indoor, outdoor, and even harsh weather conditions.

Seamless integration

Off-the-shelf integrations with multiple major access control manufacturers create comprehensive building management systems.

128-bit optional data encryption standard
ISOPAD Level 1
Presentation Attack Detection (PAD)
Certified by the National Protective Security Authority
ievo desktop biometric fingerprint enrolment reader being used next to a laptop

Ready to dive in?

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