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Push buttons serve as a simple and effective exit trigger device for access control systems. As a result, they are a popular choice for both residential and commercial applications. Typically equipped with a microswitch, these devices function by sending a signal to a locked door when pressed. This signal prompts the door to instantly unlock and allow egress. This straightforward mechanism ensures quick and reliable exit, which is essential for maintaining smooth operations in high-traffic areas or during emergencies.


The CDVI range of push buttons offers a variety of options to meet diverse needs and preferences. For environments requiring durability and a sleek appearance, models crafted from robust stainless steel are available. These are ideal for settings where aesthetic considerations and longevity are paramount. Alternatively, cost-effective plastic models provide a budget-friendly solution without compromising functionality.


For enhanced visibility and accessibility, CDVI also offers high-visibility green dome buttons, which are easy to locate and use. In addition, touch-free infrared devices cater to environments where hygiene is a priority, such as healthcare facilities. These buttons allow users to activate the exit trigger without making physical contact. Furthermore, large all-active buttons with a bigger target area are designed for situations where ease of use is critical, accommodating users who may have difficulty with smaller, more precise buttons.