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Upgrade your access control system with the simplicity and versatility of 2-relay receivers. These innovative devices offer a seamless solution for wireless access control. They make installation a breeze without the need for communication cabling. Additionally, with two relay switch triggers, they provide added flexibility to your security setup.


At CDVI, we understand the importance of efficient and reliable access control solutions. That is why our 2-relay receivers are designed to meet the needs of modern businesses and homeowners. Whether you’re securing an office, home, or public premises, our receivers offer a convenient and effective way to manage access points.


The absence of communication cabling simplifies installation, saving you time and effort during setup. With no need to route communication cables, you can quickly install our 2-relay receivers and start enjoying the benefits of wireless access control. Plus, their compact design ensures they can be discreetly mounted in any location, further enhancing their convenience.


With two relay switch triggers, our receivers offer enhanced functionality, allowing you to control multiple devices or access points from a single receiver. Whether you’re activating door locks, gates, or alarms, our receivers provide the flexibility you need to customise your security setup to suit your specific requirements.


Experience the ease and convenience of wireless access control with CDVI’s receivers. With their simple installation process and versatile functionality, they provide a reliable solution for securing your premises. Upgrade your access control system today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is protected by CDVI’s innovative technology.