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About ievo Biometric Solutions


Our ievo range provides biometric solutions for access control in the form of fingerprint and facial recognition readers. This cutting edge technology improves the user experience and, most importantly, enhances security. Biometrics provides an inherently higher level of security than traditional methods of access control. As a result, your building’s security is more robust and you benefit from greater peace of mind.


Whether your project is in a school, hospital, government building, gym, or corporate office, ievo biometrics meets diverse access needs. With both highly accurate fingerprint readers and rapid-response facial recognition devices, ievo solutions deliver unmatched performance and reliability.


Not only are ievo biometrics powerful and highly accurate, they’re also stylish. With sleek, modern designs and a range mounting options, the readers fit discreetly into any environment. In addition, we can spray-paint them in any RAL colour for a customised end result.


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