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KRYPTO represents the epitome of ultra-high security within the realm of access control. It elevates the tried and trusted features of ATRIUM to new heights. What sets KRYPTO apart is its integration of end-to-end AES encryption, ensuring unparalleled protection throughout every step of the access process.


From the transfer of data between credentials to readers, readers to controllers, and controllers to servers, every interaction is fortified with robust encryption, making it virtually impenetrable to potential threats. This heightened security measure makes KRYPTO the ideal choice for environments where security is of paramount importance.


Whether it’s safeguarding homes, businesses, or public buildings, KRYPTO provides peace of mind like never before. With its seamless integration and uncompromising security standards, KRYPTO sets a new benchmark for access control solutions, offering a level of protection that is both comprehensive and effortless to implement.