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About Exit Buttons & Devices


Exit devices are essential components for any access control project, providing a reliable means to unlock doors from inside the secure area. These devices ensure that individuals can easily and quickly exit a building or a room. Consequently, they enhance safety and convenience. Our range of exit devices offers a variety of options to meet different needs and preferences, making them a versatile solution for many environments.


Among the available options are push buttons and infrared triggers. Push button devices provide a familiar and user-friendly choice for a straightforward, tactile method of unlocking doors. Infrared triggers, on the other hand, offer a modern, touchless alternative. These devices detect hand movement or presence without physical contact, promoting hygiene and reducing wear and tear. The infrared options also come with adjustable read ranges, allowing customisation based on specific requirements.


Fitting the standard back-box format, CDVI exit devices are compatible with a wide range of installations. They fit flexibly and conveniently into many different projects and building types. Whether used in commercial buildings, offices, or residential complexes, these exit devices integrate smoothly into any access control system, ensuring a reliable and efficient means of egress.


By incorporating CDVI exit devices, access control projects can achieve enhanced functionality and user experience, combining safety, convenience, and aesthetic appeal.