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About Accessories in Access Control


Access control accessories complement and complete an installation for optimal use and outcomes. Our range includes exit buttons, key switches, door loops, timers & relays, and infrared photocells. Each accessory serves an important purpose in crafting an effective solution.


Exit buttons are a convenient method for unlocking doors to allow people to exit a restricted area freely. They keep traffic moving and improve building mobility. Equally important, key switches add a layer of security with a manual override function. They’re commonly found outside retail stores to control roller shutters.


Door loops transfer cables from place to place with an extra layer of robust protection. Meanwhile, our timers and relay modules offer additional customisation options for physical security systems. Advanced scheduling and access control processes improve both efficiency and security. Finally, infrared photocells serve as trigger sensors, allowing for the activation of automated components.


At CDVI, quality is at the heart of everything we do. We choose high quality components because we manufacture high quality products. It’s our mission to optimise the performance of the systems you’re installing. Whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing system or starting something new, choose accessories by CDVI for an effective, attractive, and most importantly reliable solution.


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