Double-pole breakglass emergency door release

Ref: E0900000097

This breakglass emergency door release is designed to provide a physical method of unlocking a door secured with an electronic lock in the event of an emergency. They are usually connected in series with fail safe electronic locks, which immediately cut the power to the lock when the switch is activated, thus unlocking the door. The EM200 is a double-pole breakglass switch. When a user presses on the plexi-glass plate and breaks it, a micro switch is operated.

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Key features

  • Double-pole emergency breakglass door release

  • Optional protective cover to prevent accidental activation 

  • Reset the device by replacing the plexi-glass 

  • Immediately unlock doors secured with electronic locks in the event of an emergency

  • Essential for fire safety and mass egress zones

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  • Electrical specifications

    • Max Voltage (V)
    • Voltage AC/DC
    • Current
  • Appearance

    • Colour
  • Dimensions

    • Product Height (mm)
    • Product Width (mm)
    • Product Depth (mm)
    • Product Weight (kg)
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