Volumetric laser safety sensor for swing doors

Ref: E0901D000550

The DW-FLATSCAN3D uses volumetric laser technology to create an extremely accurate and reliable safety solution for automated swing doors. This sensor employs lasers and ‘time of flight’ technology, rather than traditional infrared detection. Generating a high resolution volumetric laser curtain, DW-FLATSCAN3D allows the door to work as a virtual presence detection system. This ensures that the door only moves when the whole pathway is clear.

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Key features

  • Laser safety sensor for swing doors

  • 4 layers of laser curtains create a volumetric safety guard

  • Easy configuration process

  • Virtual activation buttons or presence activation

  • Self-learning installation & self-adjusting operation

  • Ideal for use with DIGIWAY door operators

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  • Technical specifications

    • Card / reader technology
      Volumetric laser
    • Number of Relays
      3 relays - 2x presence and 1x activation
    • Mounting
      Surface, top corner of door leaf
    • Min Temperature (°C)
    • Max Temperature (°C)
    • Range in Open Field (m)
      4m diagonally from mounting point
  • Electrical specifications

    • Min. Voltage (V)
    • Max Voltage (V)
    • Voltage AC/DC
    • Max Power Consumption (mA)
      166mA @ 2W
    • Current
      100mA maximum
  • Certifications

    • IP Rating
  • Appearance

    • Surface Material
      Polycarbonate/ASA and aluminium
    • Colour
  • Dimensions

    • Product Height (mm)
    • Product Width (mm)
    • Product Depth (mm)

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