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About Electric Locks


The term ‘electric lock’ applies to a very wide range of different types of products. As a catch-all term, it can include electrified latches, solenoid bolts, motorised deadbolts, and more. Broadly speaking, the thing that unifies all these products under the same category is their internal solenoid. Inside the lock, a small solenoid or motor is activated by an electrical impulse when the lock is triggered to open.


This range of locks is often useful when maglocks or electric strikes are not suitable. For example, when a door has a very narrow depth, a solenoid bolt might be the ideal solution, thanks to their very narrow profile. These locks have a latch or bolt that sits across the gap between the door and the door frame to hold the door closed. When activated, the solenoid inside the lock moves the latch or bolt to either lock or unlock the door.


Solenoid bolts or other electric locking solutions provide a robust anchor point for single-point locking. They provide a handy combination of both electric and mechanical force. Moreover, some of our models are certified under fire regulations for use on fire doors.