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About 2EASY 2-Wire


2EASY 2-Wire is an ideal video entry solution for smaller-scale projects up to 32 monitors. With just a two-wire non-polarised connection to worry about, this system makes installation and maintenance easy. Not only does it save time, but the simplicity of 2EASY also keeps costs under control as there’s no need for complex wiring.


2EASY’s clean, streamlined design and user-friendly functionality make it perfectly suited to homes, apartment blocks, and gated communities. In addition, business premises looking for a video entry system find an effective and reliable solution in 2EASY. The simplicity of the installation and straightforward operating instructions improve convenience and efficiency for everyone.


The 2-Wire system operates on its own network. As a result, it’s a secure and reliable platform for managing access to a property. The network is unconnected to the building’s internet connection and therefore remains operational even during outages. Moreover, the variety of monitors and door stations means you can customise your system to meet your specific needs. Whether style and aesthetics or robust weatherproofing are your priority, 2EASY has a solution for you.


Upgrade your building’s access control with 2EASY today, and experience the convenience and connection of video entry.


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