Numberplate recognition interface

Ref: F0115000027

ACPR (ATRIUM Car Plate Recognition) creates a seamless single security environment, with physical access control and parking facilities controlled by the same database. This makes management easier, relieves administrative burdens, and reduces the risk of human error. ACPR works with any smart numberplate recognition camera with a 26-bit Wiegand output. When drivers approach a gate or barrier, their numberplate is scanned and checked in the ATRIUM database. If the numberplate is registered to an authorised user, the gate or barrier opens to allow access.

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Key features

  • Compatible with any numberplate recognition camera with a 26-bit Wiegand output

  • Assign vehicle registration plates to users in ATRIUM

  • Ideal for securing residential or parking facilities

  • Seamless single security environment

  • Part of a comprehensive building management strategy

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