300kg monitored surface mount magnet with 2x VHLR

Ref: F0410000152

This surface electro-magnetic lock provides a holding force of up to 300kg. With status monitoring and security catch ropes to prevent the magnet from falling, installation is simple and safe.

This model comes with two VHLR universal relays. With an input of 12-24Vac/dc and a double-pole changeover relay, this is a handy kit for building secure, robust, and flexible access systems.

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Key features

  • Surface mount maglock with 300kg holding force

  • Z&L bracket available

  • Visual indication with LED

  • Includes 2x VHLR universal relays


  • Technical specifications

    • Number of Relays
      2x changeover contacts per VHLR universal relay
    • Fail Safe / Fail Secure
      Fail safe maglock
    • Holding Force (kg)
    • Mounting
      Surface mount maglock
  • Electrical specifications

    • Min. Voltage (V)
      12Vdc (maglock) / 12Vac/dc (relay)
    • Max Voltage (V)
      24Vdc (maglock) / 24Vac/dc (relay)
    • Voltage AC/DC
      DC (maglock) / AC/DC (relay)
    • Max Power Consumption (mA)
      480mA (maglock)
    • Current
      5A switching current (relay)
  • Certifications

    • IP Rating
      IP42 (maglock only)
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