1-channel hand-held transmitter (CUBE X)

Ref: F1002000141

This handheld transmitter is a replacement or additional part for use with the CUBEKIT radio transmission solution. With a single radio channel activated on the press of a handheld button, CUBEKIT enables the automation of doors, gates, lights, and more.

In addition, this transmitter is also compatible with all other CDVI receivers operating on the 433.92 MHz frequency and equipped with KeeLoq hopping code.

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Key features

  • 1-channel transmitter

  • KeeLoq® hopping code

  • Compatible with all CDVI 433.93MHz receivers

  • Lithium battery included

  • Handy for attaching to keyrings

  • Replacement transmitter for CUBEKIT

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  • Technical specifications

    • Min Temperature (°C)
    • Max Temperature (°C)
    • Channels
    • Frequency
    • Modulation
    • Encoding
      KeeLoq® hopping code
    • Range in Open Field (m)
  • Electrical specifications

    • Voltage AC/DC
    • Max Power Consumption (mA)
    • Battery included
      CR 2032 lithium (included)
  • Appearance

    • Colour
      White with black button
  • Dimensions

    • Product Height (mm)
      58 mm
    • Product Width (mm)
      37 mm
    • Product Depth (mm)
      12.5 mm
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