Everything else is on your phone – why not your installation tools?

You might not know it, but we’ve built a range of smartphone apps for iOS and Android. They’re designed to make installing CDVI solutions quicker and easier. Nobody likes fiddling with tricky little buttons. Let us make it easy for you!


DIGIWAY is a sleek door automation solution for single and double swing doors. Traditionally, programming the large range of parameters has been done via the LCD screen on the door operator itself. It’s a simple LCD screen with five navigation buttons.

But think about it – the door operator is usually installed above the door, meaning you either have to reach up to press the buttons or stand up a ladder while you’re doing it. For inward-opening doors, that might become frustrating as you have to move out of the path of the door each time it opens or closes.

Fortunately, the DIGIWAY door operator comes with a built-in Bluetooth connection. Download the free DIGIWAY BLE app, and you can connect straight to the operator via Bluetooth. The app simply mirrors the readout of the operator’s LCD screen. You can navigate the menus and configure all the parameters from your phone, with no need to remove the door operator’s cover first. You can program standing up, sitting in an armchair, or reposed on a chaise-lounge if you like!


The ATRIUM Finder app is designed to make the initial setup of the ATRIUM hardware easier, so that you can quickly progress to configuring the software.

This simple app is specially designed for the installer of the ATRIUM system. It allows you to locate a particular ATRIUM controller on the site’s LAN (Local Area Network). Once you’ve located the right controller, you can click on it within the app to navigate to the built-in web server’s login page. It’s that simple!

From there, you can log in immediately and start configuring the system. Add doors, areas, users, credentials, and define any other settings that are required. Many installers find it frustrating having to wait for IT support from the site staff in order to locate the right controller on the LAN. ATRIUM Finder skips this step and gets you straight to the good stuff.


The DIGICODE app is designed for use with the GALEO Bluetooth-enabled keypad. It can be complicated having to program the keypad using different combinations of numbers and codes that you have to look up in the manual. With the DIGICODE app, connect to the keypad via Bluetooth and do it all on your phone!

For installers, it’s a fast and simple way to configure the settings of the keypad. Add, update, and remove access codes without ever having to touch the keypad.

The DIGICODE app also offers features for the end user. Residents can use it to unlock and open the door from their phone; just touch the door icon when in range and that’s it! When there are visitors coming, residents can create and share temporary PIN codes. Visitors can let themselves in, with the code automatically expiring after a set period of time.


We don’t only think about installers when we’re building apps. We’ve also got a range of apps for end users, making their experience with CDVI access control easier.



The ATRIUM BT app is the vehicle for mobile credentials for ATRIUM access control. Authorised users can have credentials issued to their mobile device, and then use their phone to gain access to a secure building or area. There are 5 different ways to unlock the door: biometric, scan, touch, voice, and automatic.

The app is free to download and credentials can be issued to devices quickly and easily from within the ATRIUM admin portal. It’s as simple as issuing a physical swipe card or tag. Just add the credential to the user and send them an email containing an access code. They enter the code into the ATRIUM BT app and their credential is activated.


The VDP Connect app is for use with the 2EASY video entry system. 2EASY provides a reliable, flexible, and affordable door entry solution to residential and commercial premises.

Residents can use the free VDP Connect app to receive and answer calls from the 2EASY door station, as well as remotely unlocking the door. The system can be set up to either divert all calls from the door station to a nominated mobile phone, or to divert only after thirty seconds of the call being unanswered at the internal monitor.

Being able to see and speak to visitors before granting them access makes homes and businesses safer. VDP Connect is simple and easy to use, and free to download on iOS and Android smartphones.

Our smartphone apps are here for you! They’re designed to make life that little bit easier. If you want to know more or have any feedback to provide, please contact us.

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