CDVI is proud to announce the introduction of U4GO, a UHF (ultra high frequency) radio transmission solution that makes automating car park or pedestrian gate entry easy.

There are two key lines: one with a 10m range and one with a 6m range. Both lines operate in both standalone and Wiegand configurations.

How it works:

The system consists of two key components:

  • A square antenna that can be mounted on a wall, pole, or post. It is supplied with a power supply, pole fixing bracket, and built-in AES128 receiver.
  • Card or sticker credentials that can be carried in or stuck to a lanyard or vehicle.

A person or vehicle carrying a valid credential approaches the gate. The antenna puts out a constant cone-shaped detection zone. When a valid credential enters the detection zone, the gate’s operation is triggered. In standalone mode, output connections are via two output relays. In Wiegand mode, the system can be integrated with access control solutions.

The U4GO range is ideal for automating access to secure gates for car parking facilities, gated communities, and academic campuses. It’s simple and convenient. Drivers don’t need to stop, lower the window, and scan a card or input a keypad code. They simply drive into the detection zone and drive through the gate. The same benefit applies to pedestrians. All they need is a card attached to a lanyard. When they enter the detection zone of the reader antenna, they will be automatically granted access. If they’re carrying bags, boxes, or children, it’s easy to gain access with no hassle.

For more information about the U4GO range, browse the products or contact the CDVI sales team.

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