Global access control manufacturer CDVI has been making changes across the business to improve sustainability. At the local country level as well as at the international group manufacturing level, CDVI aims to be a conscious and committed organisation.

As a manufacturer of access control solution, security is CDVI’s priority. The mission is to balance the need for reliable, robust security with the need to adopt sustainable materials and practices.

The manufacturer has made changes to products, packaging, and practices to reduce its carbon footprint. All these factors are under constant review to drive for continuous improvement.

Example: Magnetic architectural handles

CDVI’s range of architectural door handles with built-in electro-magnetic locks have been completely overhauled. From raw materials to packaging and shipping, the handles are more sustainable than ever.

Initially, CDVI selected a new type of aluminium for the handles. The new aluminium is specially designed to be a low carbon product. The carbon footprint per kilogram of our new supplier’s aluminium is less than one quarter of the global average.

At the same time, the packaging of the magnetic handles was overhauled. The changes made have reduced annual cardboard usage by a huge 5000m2. CDVI now uses 20km less packing tape every year, and 100m3 less foam wedging.

Continuous review & improvement

In addition to improving product manufacturing processes, CDVI is updating its operational practices to reduce environmental impact. Small changes, such as switching to online installation manuals accessible by QR code, make a big difference to printing and paper consumption.

At our manufacturing plants in Bury, France, the large sites require almost permanent lighting throughout the day for safety reasons. In order to reduce the energy consumption at these sites, CDVI is investing in a switch to 100% LED lighting. The removal of neon lighting will reduce consumption by half every year.

To find out more about CDVI’s environmental polices and processes, read the Commitment to Sustainability on the CDVI website.

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